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Eric Martin - Destroy All Monsters

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: David Simon-Baker/John Wuopio
Artist discography


Former Mr. Big singer Eric Martin will release a brand new solo album "Destroy All Monsters"-January the 19th next year in Europe. It
has been released in Japan already with 1 bonus track.

This is his 2nd studioalbum for Frontiers Records if you don?t count the acoustic "Pure" album that was released earlier this year.
"Destroy All Monsters" starts where his last solo album "I?m Goin?Sane" ended, pretty much. The new album is maybe rockier
and has more variation. Eric sings great like always and delivers a nice modern rock/pop/aor album without any surprises.
The songs have been written or co-written by Eric with the help of Andre Pessis, Tony Fanucchi, The ITC Brothers, Chris Wilson
and Pat Gilles.

Best songs of the album are "Kansas", great modern pop-rocker with typical Eric Martin melodies. "Janie Won?t Open" is the closest
you get to his old sound in the Eric Martin Band. This is a brilliant modern rock/AOR with nice hooklines a?la EMB- the only thing that
is missing is the handclapping.
"You?re Too Good For Him" is a song that could have been a Mr. Big song. Nice acoustic ballad.
If you?re into Tal Bachman then check out "Something There", good rocker.
Eric has done a nice album but it feels like he?s standing in nomansland and that he can?t choose how he wants to sound like.
There are a couple of good songs on this one but many of the songs falls apart and you just want to go on to the next one.
If you liked how he sounded on "I?m Goin?Sane" then you will like this one, this is only rockier.

Tracklisting 1. What's the worst that could happen?
2. Kansas
3. I woke up too late
4. Janie won't open
5. Where are you?
6. You're too good for him
7. Living in black & white
8. Something there
9. What if
10. I can die now
11. Burnin' in my mind
12. If


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