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Lostprophets - Start Something

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Columbia/Visible Noise
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: Eric Valentine
Artist discography


What do they have in Wales?!,a pretty good national football team and then ofcourse this band-LOST PROPHETS that will conquer the world with their new masterpiece "Start Something"!
Holy mother of god what an exciting piece of hard rock/metal this is,so if you think their first album "The fake sound of progress" was a nice affair then you should expect a 10 size bigger album in everyway from production to songwriting and performance on "Start Something" that hits the stores in the U.S-Feb.3rd and in U.K-Feb.2nd.
As always the Japanese people can look forward at hearing this adrenalin ride Jan.15th and they will also have the 3 bonus tracks "Lucky you","Like a fire" and "We are Godzilla,You are Japan"(is that the most supercool title I have ever heard or what?!).
If the band Flipp surprised me in 2002 with the best melodic rocknroll release titled "Volume" since Cheap Trick?s "Heaven tonight" in 78,then Lost Prophets "Start Something" is the most exciting hard rock/metal album since the magnificent T-RIDE album in 92 on Hollywood records!
And the funny thing is that Eric Valentine that played drums and produced that album also has produced the new Lost Prophets record,the guys has magic hands for sure!
Hey Eric!,we want a new T-Ride album but while we wait I will settle with Lost Prophets future metal coz that?s just what it is-the future of metal!
Let these 6 guys play in the Welsh football team and I am pretty sure they will go to the World Cup in Germany 2006,just take singer Ian Watkins that sounds like a mix between Mike Patton (Faith no more) and Adam Ant....with him as the target player at the front,there will be many goals!
Then put in the guitarists Lee Gaze and Mike Lewis with their smart ideas and playing on the midfield-not even Zidane himself can figure out the next pass!
The defense players are without doubt bassplayer Stuart Richardson and Jamie Oliver that handles decks,samples and backing vocals-they would be named the new chinese wall!....a defense wall that could be seen from the moon.
As goalie none else than drummer Mike Chiplin,an intelligent and tough goalkeeper that can predict any attack from the other team.
You have already heard the first single "Burn,burn" from this album and the 2nd single will be "Last train home" to be released Jan.26th but even if they are really good stuff.....I can assure you that there are much better songs on "Start Something".
The opening track "We still kill the old way" will be a new fave for many LP fans,goddamn what a Swarzenegger Rock of a tune it is with it?s supercharming Adam and the ants sounding metal!(the rockabilly guitar is genius)
"Last summer" could very well be the 3rd single from this HULK of an album,it contains some major hooks that will make you dance like Gene Kelly when you hear it.
"To hell we ride" is the best song Faith no more never did,I?m certain Mike Patton and Co would have been proud writing a tune like that.
If Dalai Lama would ever start to listen to rockmusic than I?m sure he would love "Hello again" coz it?s like a whole meditation itself!

Tracklisting 1. We Still Kill The Old Way
2. To Hell We Ride
3. Last Train Home
4. Make A Move
5. Burn Burn
6. I Don't Know
7. Hello Again
8. Goodbye Tonight
9. Start Something
10. A Million Miles
11. Last Summer
12. We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan
13. Sway


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