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Jimmy Wayne - s/t

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Country
Producer: Chris Lindsey & James Stroud
Artist discography


I told myself a while back that I should quit write about modern country here at the melodic net, as it is probably just me that are interested in the Nashville scene. But then I got this album and I can?t shut up ?bout it. God damn? I have to tell you about this guy, as you all are melodic music lovers. Sure it?s done in Nashville and the album is produced by two legendary country producers, Chris Lindsey and James Stroud. But hey? Listen to the album. Listen to the songmaterial. Listen to the voice of Jimmy. Phew? It is splendid well produced westcoast AOR hided in a light country costume. If you like Richard Marx, you will adore second out ?Are You Ever Gonna Love Me? which is a beautiful ballad, somewhere between the just mentioned Marx and Lonestar. Listen to third out ?Stay Gone? which also is a softie, somewhere between Vince Gill and The Eagles. But all done in a fresh way. And there are plenty more on here in the same calibre. BUT, and that is a freaking? big but? The last song on the album. The Jimmy Wayne and Bob Regan written tune ?The Rabbit?. I?m speechless. What a monster tune! Modern rock country grandioso? Sure, there are as always a few to many nonsense ballads on these sort of major label country artists, but they?re quite few and you can live with them. Now I have to play ?The Rabbit? one more time. So I quit the review and raise the volume? What Goes Around Comes Around? When The Rabbit Gets The Gun. Hell yeah.

Tracklisting 1. After You
2. Are You Ever Gonna Love Me?
3. Stay Gone
4. Trespassin'
5. Paper Angels
6. You Are
7. She Runs
8. Just A Dream
9. Blue and Brown
10. I Love You This Much
11. You're The One I'm Talking To
12. The Rabbit


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