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7th Heaven - Silver

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Self Released
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Believe it or not,but this is a Double CD containing 30 songs-meaning 2 hours of pure AOR in a modern rock suit!
Ofcourse now you say that there must be many fillers on it but that?s the most peculiar thing about "Silver",there are only a few of them here like the rapmetal story "Truth",the boybandinspired ballad "Letting go",the hiphop flirting "Breaking me up" and the dancefloor rocker "This pressure"(all 4 on CD 2),even if CD 1 is so much better than CD 2-the quality level on the 2nd CD is high enough to be compared to many other modern rock/aor releases out today.
Chicago based 7th Heaven have been around for 18 years and have their roots in the 80?s melodic genre of AOR,there are some Def Leppard and Bon Jovi in their music as well as some modern pop/rock like Invertigo!
Their debut "Faces time replaces" from 2000 sold 5,000 copies but in the 80?s an album like "Silver" would have sold at least a million copies world wide.
I still think that this band deserves the same attention today like the heroes of the 80?s had,there are many possible hitsingle candidates on SILVER like "Cellophane","Ghost of me","Invisible","Misunderstood" and "Gravity" to mention a few.
This quartet featuring Andrew Blake-Lead Vocals,Guitars/Richie Hofherr-Guitars,Keyb,Vocals/Mark Kennetz-Bass and Dan Miller-Drums should be touring around the world in Australia and Europe where their music probably is more recognized and respected than in the states.
Now you have to excuse me,I have to turn up the volume and do the moonwalk to the tunes of the opening track "Gravity"......ain?t life grand!


Melodic Net Comments 

Neil Tudor(uk lIVERPOOL)
Fantastic mix of Leppard style AOR..but mixed with a smattering of Electro-high tech AOR... thats actually more interesting.... and whilst this stuff is experimentasl its always melodic.... what a great band..they should be mega.... I just heard their latest CD called USA-UK (2008) and they have a new singer... an Irish guy,,whose voice lends itself to the more melodic stuff..... and the new CD kicks major ass! ... like this cd..Silver...with 30 tracks and only about 3 duff tracks,... the new one has 18 tracks... about half a dozen re recorded from this cd with the new singer...but them and the new songs are brilliant...hope they come to the UK where they will be more appreciated than in the US