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Five for Fighting - The battle for everything

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2004-10-26
Label: Aware Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Bill Bottrell
Artist discography


He sure got some pressure on himself, the good ol? Mr Ondrasik. The last album with Five for fighting was a huge success due to various reasons. The main reason was the quality of the music and John?s unique sense for melodies. On the new album he got the good taste to work with Bill Bottrell as the producer and the result is really impressing.
I love John?s voice and his unique mix of piano-based naked tunes combined with a Midwestern singer songwriter edge. And everything spiced with lovely refrains. Like if Elton John did an album with Angie Aparo. The album starts out with two good tracks but it is in song number three the Goosebumps raises on my arms.
The beautiful ?If God Made You? is just marvelous and that goose bump race continues in song number four, the excellent ?100 Years?, that starts out with just a piano and John?s voice close to the microphone.
A song that ends up in a lovely ecstatic final. There are a few nonsense tracks out of the 12 tracks, like fifth out ?Angels & Girlfriend?. And the question is if the album is as good as their previous album. Hmmm.. cant decide that after just a few listens. It is still a very good album and the album is worth every penny. Just listen to the soft ?Dying? and you?ll understand that.

Tracklisting 1. NYC Weather Report
2. The Devil in the Wishing Well
3. If God Made You
4. 100 Years
5. Angels & Girlfriends
6. Dying
7. Infidel
8. Disneyland
9. Maybe I
10. The Taste
11. One More For Love
12. Nobody
1. Silent Night
2. Superman (It's Not Easy) - Acoustic Version
3. Something About You featuring John Ondrasik - Remix
4. Sister Sunshine - Non-album track
5. 2+2 Makes Five - Non-album Track


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