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American Hi-Fi - American Hi-Fi

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2001-02-27
Label: The Island Def Jam Music Group
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Bob Rock
Artist discography


This is the debut from the ex Veruca salt and Letter to Cleo drummer, Stacey Jones. With three other guys he started A H-F, a group that I think can be bigger than both of his previews groups that hes been in. They have all ready spent several weeks on the Billboard Modern rock chart with the first single of the album, "Flavor of the week". This is modern rock at its best, great melodies and with a great production ala Bob Rock. I have to mention the production. Its very clean and basic, just guitars, drums and bass. This group gotta be great live. In style theyre sounds like a 15% softer Lit. Pop influenced modern rock with some punk attitude here and there. Enough said! A motherfu**ing SURE buy!

Tracklisting 1. Surround
2. Flavor of the Weak
3. A Bigger Mood
4. Safer on the Outside
5. I'm a Fool
6. Hi-Fi Killer
7. Blue Day
8. My Only Enemy
9. Don't Wait for the Sun
10. Another Perfect Day
11. Scar
12. What About Today
13. Wall of Sound


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