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Jettison Eddy - Trippin On Time

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Nuerra
Genre: AOR
Producer: Keith Olsen
Artist discography


Jettison Eddy is a new American rock band that has done a solid album with quite a nice sound.

But the thing that surprised me was when I read the booklet and saw who had produced their album. It was none other than the cult AOR mega producer Keith Olsen (Magnum, Shadow King). It?s great to hear an album where Mr. Olsen has handled the control sticks behind the desk again and I have to say that the sound of this album is awesome and fresh. It would be strange if the sound wouldn?t be top-notch with a pro like Keith Olsen behind the desk. Keith Olsen means top quality.

Jettison Eddys music lies somewhere in the border country of modern rock and AOR.
If you put the Hanson and Nelson brothers in the same band you would get Jettison Eddy.
The album is equally good throughout and that?s the biggest problem with this album because there is no song that lifts up the album to a higher ground.

Best songs on the album are "A Little Piece" which is a great rocker with nice hooks and wonderful harmony vocals ala Matchbox 20. "Tonight We Run" is very similar to the Wallflowers and put in some traces of Nelson and you got the picture. The song "On My Own" is not that special but the drum sound is brilliant and powerful. Only that positive point makes it worth listening to.
The most AORish song on the album is "Save Me". Imagine Nickelback goes AOR and meets Santers and what a great combination you get. This is a very good song with strong background and harmony vocals.
I think that Keith is the reason for the strong vocal performances on this album and maybe it?s because his roots are in AOR?!

This was an album that I had a hard time to get a grip on but if they record more albums I hope they will bring out a couple of songs that will hook you up more than these did with me.
But don?t get me wrong, this is not a bad album at all. On the contrary, this is a very solid and good record but there are lots of acts that play this kind of rock better and therefore you need tracks that will hook up the listener and I?m afraid that Jettison Eddy don?t have that.
They have their moments but don?t go the whole distance.


Melodic Net Comments 

I agree with Joe, Jon Manitta did great on the vocals and Dave Ingraham could be one of the best drummers around. I saw this band in several live performances and I believe that they should of had someone more aggressive with handling their publicity. Excellent Sound!

jon manitta is just a great singer. and dave ingraham is a solid drummer. i think keith olsen just did his job with these two fine nusicians