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The Rise - Bluezone

The Rise - Bluezone

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Talking music
Genre: Pop
Producer: Peter Carlsohn/Per Edwardsson
Artist discography


Like a fresh Arctic breeze sweeping in from the North,This new Swedish band THE RISE with members from Jerusalem,XT and Motherlode invites you on a ride into the bluezone.
Forget about all you know about their previous bands,this is modern pop with a touch of U2 over it and if you?re familiar with Charizma?s latest release "Life in 3D" that contained lots of ultra catchy songs-The Rise has a sound not too far from that album.
The production is real classy and do I have to say that it?s a pleasure seeing the name of Per Edwardsson again on a record,this former BISCAYA member both plays the guitar as well as handles the production on this sparkling record.
And I can say with 100% certainty that you haven?t heard high pitched singer Sonny Larsson sing this way before,especially on the Pink Floyd smelling "Sweeter than wine"-Sonny shows another nice side to his voice.
The opening track "New beginning" sounds like a true chartclimber,the video may have killed the radio star but that?s where THE RISE comes in to make a new beginning.
I have a hard time liking the Roy Orbinson sounding "Hold on",but when there are songs like "Lucky to live" and "Give me your name" that takes U2?s Joshua Tree into the 21 century....I can only raise the flag of this new hope of Swedish pop music.
The vocal arrangement on "City of hope" has some Gospel vibes over it mixed with some SEAL harmonies,much impressive.
I think the flirt with Roxette?s "The Look" on the verse on "Rise" is a bit unnecessary but the chorus is good so I rest my case....this time.
I won?t be too surprised if we get to hear more from The Rise in the future,I welcome you.


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