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Ana Johnsson - The Way I am

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Bonnier Amigo/Epic
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Ghost/Marcus Black/Leif Larsson/Jorgen Elofsson
Artist discography


Girl fronted modern rock with radio oriented songs is what this young talented Swedish singer Ana delivers on her debut album "The Way I am",she walks down the same neighbourhood as Anouk like a rockier version of The Bangles.
I reviewed her 2nd single "Life" not so long ago and I had some expectations that this album wouldn?t be too light and hit oriented but I?m afraid it is.
"L.A" could?ve been a tune with Susanna Hoffs and the Natalie Imbruglia sounding "Now it?s gone" is ofcourse beautiful but oh so ordinary,the track "Cuz I Can" rocks a bit more the Anouk way and the first single "The Way I Am" is a cool soft modern rocker in the same vein as Nine Days and Splender.
Ana sings really good and has the looks to make it in the big world but a rougher production wouldn?t hurt,more guitars more guitars.
The youth will love this,radio will play it and Ana will sell enough copies to make a 2nd album I?m sure....but for now the music is just too shallow.

Tracklisting 1. We Are (Radio Version)
2. Don't Cry For Pain (Album Version)
3. The Way I Am
4. I'm Stupid
5. 6 Feet under
6. Coz I Can
7. Crest Of The Wave
8. L.A
9. Life
10. Now It's Gone
11. Here I Go Again


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