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Pre)Thing - 22nd Century Lifestyle

Pre)Thing - 22nd Century Lifestyle

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: V2
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Andy Johns/Brian Virtue
Artist discography


Former Crazy Town guitarist Rust Epique who also was the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for V2 Records band Pre)Thing died on March 9th, from an apparent heart attack (age 35) at his home in Las Vegas.
He never got to see the release of his new band?s debut album that has the full title "22nd Century Lifestyle: Episode Rustandthesuperheroes Sexdrugsandsoutherncityrock", ,the first single "Faded love" climbed the charts the month before the release so Rust could?ve been a part of a huge success once again since Crazy Town had a major hit with "Butterfly".
This is a tragedy,because the album is really good and odd in a way but also very emotional and strong like a mix of Crazy Town,The Cure,Janes Addiction and White Zombie.
The tracks "Staay alive" and "Won+X" has some Goo Goo Dolls vibes over them,the layers of guitars on the album are nothing but pure joy and Rust?s voice is rather unique so there are many things worth checking it up for.
Guestdrummer is Matt Sorum and the production is top notch from the classy team of Andy Johns and Brian Virtue(Jane?s Addiction, 30 Seconds To Mars),Highly recommendable!!!!


Melodic Net Comments 

This album single handedly deals a knockout blow to ANY and ALL Rock albums released since The Cult's "Sonic Temple". You are truly missing out if you have not heard this LP!

Did you know that?

Aunsley Dunbar (Whitesnake, Journey) auditioned for Kiss when Eric Carr got sick during the Revenge sessions but it didnĀ“t work out and Eric Singer got the job instead.

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