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Scorpions - Unbreakable

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: BMG Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Erwin Musper/Scorpions
Artist discography


"Unbreakable" is the brand new album from the German hardrockers Scorpions. The Scorps are back with revenge for sure after couple of less good albums like "Eye II Eye" (1999), "Moment Of Glory" (2000) and "Acoustica" (2001) that in my opinion were weak albums and not what many expected from these German rockers.

"Face The Heat" (1993) and "Pure Instinct" 1996) were way too up and down with a couple of winners but they did not reach the whole distance.
Now in 2004 they are back heavier and better as ever and I must say that "Unbreakable" is really a hardrockin? album we wanna hear from the Scorps. The sound lies somewhere between "Blackout" (1982) and "Savage Amusement" (1988) with a modern production and sound that sounds more than amazing.

I was a bit afraid that they would continue doing typical Scorpion powerballads a?la "Wind Of Change" and "Send Me An Angel" just trying to get a hitsingle but after listening to the album for the first time I can assure you that the ballads on "Unbreakable" are sounding more like the early Scorpions. The first ballad is "Maybe I Maybe You". It starts off with Klause Meine with a piano and strings but in the end it turns out to a heavier song with tough guitarriffs and it rocks good in the end. Another ballad is "She Said" which is a nice song with some 70s and acoustic feel over it with nice melodies.

But the album opens up with "New Generation" that has the heaviest chorus of the album. This song sets the standard of the whole album and you hear from the first lines that this is the Scorpions most of their fans know. The guitars are brilliant and in the end they use a kids choir that lifts up this song even more. Absolutely fantastic opening song.
After that it just floats on with "Love Em Or Leave Em", a brilliant arena rocker with heavy riffs and some fantastic hooklines and the chorus will take you on a ride to the land of hardrock. "Deep And Dark" is another rocker that shouts out classic Scorpions for miles with a sing-a-long chorus. "Someday Is Now" is a personal favourite with a big rockin sound over it. This is a song that has guitars all over it with big hooklines. The chorus is awesome no doubt about it.

If you really wanna hear something that reminds of the good old days from the 80s then listen to "Through My Eyes". It starts off slow but in the chorus they turn the song to a up-tempo arena rocker with the typical Scorp sound over it. This is what made these German rockers big in the 80s and now they doing it in the year 2004.
The level drops a bit in the end of the album with couple of average rockers that don?t manage to come up to the same height as the rest of the album.

So Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Pawel Maciwoda and James Kottak has recorded a true hardrock album and it really shows that the Scorpions are not down for the count, they are "Unbreakable".

Tracklisting 1. New Generation
2. Love 'em Or Leave 'em
3. Deep And Dark
4. Borderline
5. Blood Too Hot
6. Maybe I Maybe You
7. Someday Is Now
8. My City My Town
9. Through My Eyes
10. Can You Feel It
11. This Time
12. She Said
13. Remember The Good Times - Retro Garage Mix


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