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The Fashion - Rock Rock Kiss Kiss Combo

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: BMG Music
Genre: New Wave
Producer: Michael Ilbert/The Fashion
Artist discography


When rock and roll business gets too serious you need some fun and entertainment to lighten things up,that?s when a band like the Danish The Fashion comes in-happier people is hard to find.
The other week I couldn?t sleep late at night and turned on MTV to see if there was anything to watch (it usually aint) but this time I turned up the volume when I saw the video of "Roller disco inferno" from this album,it really didn?t help me to sleep easier coz I immediately went into their website and listened to more songs.
I just had to hear the whole album coz the first impression I?ve got of this band is that they are a vitamin kick,an adrenaline ride with music made for the carnival.
The Fashion plays uptempo guitardriven powerpop with some britpop influences like Supergrass,they have a production that is very Live sounding and that is only to their advantage because this kinda of music shouldn?t be overproduced.

Some of you who hears this band might say that they sound like Dexys Midnight Runners but The Fashion is better,in fact I would like to say they sound like if The Cure?s Robert Smith wouldn?t be so gothic and depressed,and instead were high on life and only wrote happy party songs together with Devo.
The band consist of: Anders Axelsen: Guitar and vocals, Jakob Printzlau: vocals, Jacob Ankaer: drums, and Christian Lignell: Bass. Playing live they have an xtra guy handling the keyboards. His name is Christoffer and he used to be in the band full time.
Need something to cheer you up?!,here?s The Fashion!

Tracklisting 1. Let's Go Dancing
2. Not New In N.Y.
3. Break Out Your Recorder
4. Roller Disco Inferno
5. Nation Of Superstars
6. Mix Tape
7. Bonjour Mon Amie
8. Boys And Girls
9. Teenage Beats
10. Riots In Technicolor
11. Untitled


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