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Lit - Atomic

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: DRT Entertainment
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Lit
Artist discography


I have always loved these extraordinary great punkpop dudes of LIT,their last 2 efforts "A place in the sun" (99) and "Atomic" (2001)on RCA were major faves of mine coz these guys did something more than just your regular punkpop,in my opinion far the best band around in this genre so guess if I had expectations on their 4th album which is self titled.
The questions are many about this new album,can the band produce it just as good as their previous producers Don Gilmore and Glen Ballard?,Since the last two albums contained hit selling singles with RCA behind them and this time around
Lit releases the 2004 effort more or less on an independent level-Will the world know about it?
Well,at first I didn?t know what to think because Lit has changed their direction into a more powerpop rocking style,the songs didn?t get to me like the earlier albums did but I wouldn?t give up because I played it on my way to and from work for a whole week.
I refused to think that this awesome band has recorded a disappointing album,I just had to give them a chance and yes it did get better after 6 times but still not as good as "Atomic" or "A place in the sun".
Let me just explain one thing as I told our webmaster too,if this would have been recorded by a new band with bandmembers we have never heard of......I know for sure that I would have been impressed but since it?s LIT-I compare it to their previous works that are so extremely good.
Even if I wished for more,The Popoff brothers still manage to write classy stuff that takes a little time to like,the production is good-not superb but good.
The ballad "Lullaby" has every chance of being a hit if only the radio and MTV will recieve it and also play it ofcourse,the speedy "All alright" is the only song that reminds most of their punkpop style before but not as good.
I do enjoy the guitar riff on the opening track "Too fast for a U-turn" but it took a while before I even understood that it was LIT I was listening to,it doesn?t sound like them at all on that song.
This album is a grower,better than most releases these days but not a classic.

Tracklisting 1. Something To Someone
2. The Last Time Again
3. Addicted
4. Lipstick and Bruises
5. Everything's Cool
6. Happy In The Meantime
7. Drop D
8. Sunny Weather
9. Next Time Around
10. Slip
11. She Comes
12. Live For This
13. Over My Head


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