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Number One Fan - Compromises

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Pats/Universal
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: NOF/Justin Perkins/Eric Thielen
Artist discography


This is a young band with lots of potential,vocalist/guitarist Nicholas Ziemann formed the band 3 years ago while they were still in high school and quickly made a name for themselves with their passionate, powerful live performances opening for like-minded bands like Switchfoot, Something Corporate and The All-American Rejects.
Number One Fan plays hard driving pop/rock with songs that you easily make up images in your head while listening to,there?s depth in their music but without being too complex or dark......this quartet makes music that is quite simple but also intelligent at the same time.
One thing that strikes me is that the album grows a whole lot each time I listen to it,with a warm production and a personal voice from Ziemann-NOF is here to stay and I?m pretty certain that we haven?t heard the best from these guys yet even if the debut "Compromises" is darn good.
"It?s happening" is a tune that is perfect in every aspect,sweeping guitars and dreamy melodies that will capture you from the first second to the last.
I could say the same about the other 9 tracks too but that would be a rather boring read don?t you think,anyway they deserve your attention just the way we gave them as the Band of the week.

Tracklisting 1. Come On
2. It's Happening
3. Can't Forget
4. The Prettiest Sin
5. Don't Say Anything
6. Nothing Will Change
7. The Distance
8. Sorry
9. Make The Cut
10. There Went The World


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