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SR-71 - Here We Go Again

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Nippon Crown
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Mitch Allan/Scott Spelbring
Artist discography


A lot of things has happened to this Baltimore based band since the successful debut "Now you see inside" on RCA from 2000,their sophomore album "Tomorrow" was meant to ride on the waves of their brilliant debut but it was too dark for common people and the poor sales was a fact.
I think it was an excellent album but there were just too few like minded so RCA dropped the band,Mitch Allan and Co started to work on their 3rd album that had the working title "Mazeltov cocktail" but later was changed to "Here we go again".
Recently the band and all their fans recieved the terrible news about their former bassplayer Jeff Reid who passed away on June 11th after a long hard struggle with cancer,Jeff left the band in November 2002 and was replaced by Mike Ruocco who also has a side project called PLUNGE (signed to Atenzia with their debut out in fall).
SR 71?s new album will be out in the US under the moniker of Mitch Allan with a few new songs in the singer/songwriter mode,this Japanese version contains 13 tracks with one hidden and a demo of the fast "She was dead".
"Here we go again" sounds more like their punkpoppy debut and should appeal more to their fans than what "Tomorrow" did,many of you have already heard the EP "Axl Rose" and it?s also included on the new album as well as "All american" and the Judas Priest *breaking the law* riffing "Here we go again".
They do an awesome cover of Peter Gabriel?s "In your eyes",you will never believe it?s the same song until you hear the chorus......fanfxxkingtastic".
The lyrics on "1985" are truly supercool and ofcourse the song is also wonderful-a major fave on the album without doubt,songs that reminds a bit of the energy rocking "Right now" from the debut are "Gone" and "She was dead" (it?s hard to sit still to those 2).
"15 minute idol" and "Blood and bourbon" are more punky in the Blink 182 vein and also the weaker tracks on the album,the U2 inspired "Everything" gets me in the right mood in a second and all problems seems to fly away for a moment.
This is a real good album even if it?s not as good as the 2 previous ones,check it out folks.

Tracklisting 1. All American
2. Axl Rose
3. In Your Eyes
4. Gone
5. 1985 (Original Version)
6. Mosquito (Original Version)
7. Everything
8. Here We Go Again
9. Blue Light Special Life
10. 15 Minute Idol
11. The One
12. Blood and Bourbon
13. I Want You To Want Me - Live (Bonus Track)
14. In Your Eyes - Live (Bonus Track)
15. Mosquito - Live (Bonus Track)


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