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Poshdog - Happy Ninja

Pär Winberg Format: Ep
Year: 2004
Label: Dogonaleash Records
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: poshdog
Artist discography


Sweden has always been a good country when it comes to wellproduced modern powerpop. Bands like Beagle, Merrymakers, Trampolines are just three examples of bands with a good reputation. I have followed poshdog for quite a while now and I must say that this 4-piece band are up there playing in the same league. Really competent melodic powerpop with a slight rock touch. Add a singer with a voice somewhere between the mighty Kevin Gilbert and more sort of powerpop voices like Jason Falkners and you understand you have to check out this EP. The first one out called "Said And Done" is a very good opener and the second out "Til Morning" another real fine axample of their qualities. Third out sounds like a "Kevin Gilbert-light" sort of tune and fourth out "Bittersweet" is a softer one showing another side of the band with almost a Marillion (with Hogarth) mixed with a straighter sort of pop edge. Fifth out "Sister" has a lovely refrain with a BIG atmosphere and the last one out "The Brave Ones" are back to Kevin Gilbert (Thud era) land. Its perhaps wrong to put this band under the powerpop genre, but they are sniffing in all sort of genres and have an own style of pop/rock that is very pleasant. A VERY comptetent Swedish band you need to check out right away folks.


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