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54 seconds - Coma

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-10-16 Year: 2003
Label: BMG Music
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Spencer Gibb/Fresh Ears
Artist discography


54 Seconds from Austin,Texas has been making albums since 99 with "Coma" as their 3rd full length release,last year they signed a publishing deal with BMG for this album and in July the new single "Ben?s letter" is available on,a song not featured on this effort.
Spencer Gibb is the voice that will shake you up because his vocals is haunting,emotional and fits the melancholic moody music just fine.
This is suggestive,progressive,dark and unpredictable music with unexpected chord changes and almost improvising influenced jazzpop,I haven?t heard anything like this album and the closest comparison I can make is the early years of Pink Floyd mixed up with Kevin Gilbert and Peter Gabriel.
Spencer has a voice that can be hard to accept coz of his strong vibrato that sometimes dominates the songs very much,however if you love the way he sings-it will take you to another level.
The most commercial song is the calm and laid back "Meaningless conversation",imagine R.E.M and Lenny Kravitz jamming together and you?ll have that song.
The spirit of Peter Gabriel lies over "Elephants",strange but beautiful melodies.
The first track "Watson 439" is too strange and some of you might not get to the 2nd track but if you do,there will be some epic stuff waiting for you.
"Complicated" and "Difference between" should appeal to fans of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft,there are no words to describe the feelings I get for listening to these cloudwalking tunes.
Difficult music it is,I won?t lie to you but life ain?t it?!


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