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The Used - In Love and Death

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Reprise Records
Genre: Emo
Producer: John Feldmann
Artist discography


Utah?s The Used really gained some success with their debut from 2002,I wasn?t too impressed by that album but the band toured a lot and won new fans in each and every town including Kelly Osbourne whom the singer Bert Mcracken used to date for a while.
The first album weren?t a pure numetal album,it also contained some emo influences which are more dominated on the new album.The Used has once again collaborated with producer John Feldmann (Story of the year) on "In love and death" and they work great together coz he has given the band a sharp and edgy sound like a big nrg package.
This is a much better album than the debut,stronger choruses and glowing riffs that will make an impact on the listener,the variety of the songs are also the band?s strength coz it?s easy to get stuck in the monotone lane when you?re dealing with Emo oriented stuff.
"All that I?ve got" is a melodic pearl-one of their best songs so far that should be the first single instead of the weak opening track "Take it away" which is a misleading track for the whole album,"Cut up angels" will charm you right on the spot and the explosive "Sound effects and overdramatics" will shake you up like a brain surgery.
Ok,this is not a blockbuster album that will make way for other bands to come out in the spotlight but it?s worth the big sum of money you have to spend to get it.

Tracklisting 1. Take It Away
2. I Caught Fire
3. Let It Bleed
4. All That I've Got
5. Cut Up Angels
6. Listening
7. Yesterday's Feelings
8. Light With A Sharpened Edge
9. Sound Effects And Overdramatics
10. Hard To Say
11. Lunacy Fringe
12. I'm A Fake
13. Under Pressure


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