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Industry - Preservation America

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Self Released
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Dan Brodbeck/Siegfried Meier
Artist discography


If you?re no fan of bands like Vast,Static-X and Orgy,stop reading here coz Industry sounds just like a mix of these 3 bands.
This band was formed in 97 and has already released an album titled "Namesake",their new album "Preservation America" is their 2nd album - it?s very well performed and produced just like all these industry electronic rock albums should be or you pretty fast lose interest in the songs.
I just read some bad reviews of Alien vs Predator which in my opinion is a fantastic movie,what the reviewers of that movie doesn?t get into their heads is that the Alien freaks want the sequels to be that way with aliens sneaking around the dark corridors waiting for the slaughter.....I dont want it anyother way - just like this genre of industry rock,I have heard it before many times but I want it to sound this way INDUSTRY does.
This Las Vegas band can make as many albums they want as long as they are industry rock oriented and ofcourse well done,if the Aliens and the predators are our movie monsters of 2004 - Industry is our Rock monster.
Horror rock couldn?t sound better when Halloween is knocking at your door,trick or treat?!....I wouldn?t mind some Industry treatment :-)


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