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White Lion - Pride

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 1987-06-21 Year: 1987
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Heavy Metal,  Hard Rock
Producer: Michael Wagener
Artist discography


Pride came into my hands during what was honestly the worst year of my entire life thus far (2014). I had just reached the half way point of a 6 month chemo regime and was fresh out of a relationship gone horribly wrong. Mentally I was numb and just completely broken as a person. Things became very dark as I began to second guess all of my dreams and future plans for the music business. I was basically ready to move on either it be I lived or died from cancer. Little did I know my whole life would change again but for the better upon discovering White Lion and their work.

After listening to Pride from beginning to end I was left with a burning desire to follow even harder from the start what was in my heart,the music. This album reminded me in the mist of darkness what my purpose in life was. It got me excited again,motivated and beyond eager to keep pushing onward. Once the music hit my ears it was like life was being pumped back into my body recharging my soul in the name of rock n roll.  

Pride kicks off with 'Hungry' which builds the listeners appetite for the rest of this killer full course meal of a totally underrated record. Its pure sex on legs if you ask me. Heck I'll let the track speak for itself. 

'Lonely Nights' I have always felt spot on portrays the feelings one can have right after a broken heart. Some people try and try to move on by feeling the void with a quick fix but in the end you just hurt yourself even more. I really like how there is a perfect blend of heavy and gentle. The heavy which can represent the frustration one can go through. The softer side comes in as a nice acoustic guitar break down. You can just hear the emotion in Mikes vocals nailing the feeling that of a person can still have hope everything will be alright. Its the innocent side of things in a nut shell while at the same time covering every other emotion felt.  

'Don't Give Up' is fast,free and full of high energy. Its a song that cheered me up a great deal when I would listen to it after coming home from the hospital. With positive lyrics and blazing guitar work by Vito Bratta I think it would be hard for somebody not to head bang along.  

Fun Fact:  Pride peaked at 11 in the Billboard 200 and remained within the charts for a solid year.  

'Sweet Little Lovin' is one of my favorite songs by White Lion to play on guitar. It is always included into a jam session of mine and once you hear it I'm sure you will include it into your mix too. Its very easy to follow. 

'Lady Of The Valley' is a totally underestimated track. I feel it can mean a variety of things to people. Some think of it as a song of hope in the hour of defeat while others reflect upon the Roman Catholic Saint (Our Lady Of The Valley). 

'Wait' was the front runner single off Pride for a reason. It is a prime set example of the magic that can happen when a band comes together. Oddly enough 'Wait' was the first song I heard before buying the album. It drew me in and once I heard that solo I was sold. If it weren't for this song I would have never even thought about teaching myself to finger tap on the guitar. In between doing the chemo (kinda against my doctors wishes) I worked my ass off to learn the solo. I'm not there speed wise but maybe someday. Vito gave Eddie Van Halen a run for his money back in the day that's for sure. I think he took things to a whole other level and just made it his own. 

Fun Fact:  Vito did the 'Wait' guitar solo in one take and it is the one you hear on the record. 

'All You Need Is Rock N Roll' pretty much says it all. It is what rock n roll is all about. There are no rules and everybody can have fun. You can twist,shout and dance all about like nobody is watching. Okay maybe that fly on the wall in the room and the neighbor across the street is but who gives a shit. Music sets you free and allows you to be yourself so don't be afraid to move once in awhile. Its okay to feel. Every time when I'm in the middle of playing this jam on guitar I can't help but move my feet to the beat. The band truly becomes one not just on this track but on the whole album. 

'Tell Me' is another banger single that I will just let speak for itself and the listener to hear. Its a song I enjoy playing on guitar it was the 2nd one I learned to play. 

'All Join Our Hands' is a come together,lets have fun and just drop all the nonsense jam. It reminds me of 'All You Need Is Rock N Roll' but with a more take it to the whole world approach. 

Fun Fact: The recording process took a little over a month to do and was actually recorded twice by Michael Wagener. 

'When The Children Cry' opened my eyes to what all is going on in this ever changing world of ours. It got me to think deeply about so many things and how those who have come before us have left us with a big mess. My generation now being the one to have to clean things up so the kids to come can hopefully have a brighter day. Although this song was written 30 years ago the powerful lyrics ring far beyond true even to this day. With pointless raging wars on what seems every corner and innocent people dying you can't help but think about the bigger picture,what life will be like decades to come. Will it get better or not is the question many have on their minds. One things for sure I'm happy to have music like this to seek solace. 'When The Children Cry' is a song that will last forever. 

Pride went on to sell over 2 million copies alone in the states making it go double platinum. Its a record I feel that has certainly stood the test of time and deserves far more recognition than it got. If ever I have a family of my own I will proudly pass it down to my offspring. However,until then I shall cherish it for myself.


Tracklisting 1. Hungry
2. Lonely Nights
3. Don't Give Up
4. Sweet Little Loving
5. Lady Of The Valley
6. Wait
7. All You Need Is Rock N Roll
8. Tell Me
9. All Join Our Hands
10. When The Children Cry


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