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Adema - Planets

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Earache
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


There has been some changes for Adema the last year,first they was dropped from Arista after the poor sales of their previous album "Unstable" (2003) and then they parted ways with singer Mark Chavez and guitarist Mike Ransom.
The remaining members then recruited the new name Luke Caraciolli as the singer to the band and are back with their 3rd full length album "Planets" on April 5th.
Soundwise they have a darker sound now similar to A Perfect Circleand it?s a good album but it?s not as strong as the debut from 2001,however the band don?t have to be ashamed of this release either coz there are some nice stuff on it like the new single "Tornado",the opening track "Shoot the arrows" and the moody "Sevenfold".
Will the fans accept their new style or will this be the face lift Adema needs to shine bright on modern rock heaven?!
One thing for sure is that the album grows on you and I?ll be damned if it aint better than "Unstable"........ohyeah,it is!

Tracklisting 1. Shoot The Arrows
2. Barricades In Time
3. Tornado
4. Sevenfold
5. Planets
6. Enter The Cage
7. Remember
8. Chel
9. Until Now
10. Rise Above
11. Better Living Through Chemistry
12. Refusing Consciousness
13. Vikraphone
14. Estrellas


Melodic Net Comments 

Wow, what happened? besides the dissapointment that former lead singer Mark Chavez left the group, I have to say that the new singer for adema has a great voice; there are some amazing songs on this album such as "Barracades in Time", "Planets" etc, but i think that they tried too hard to make each song original but it just gets annoying after track seven. I have to agree that the songs are catchy and this "new look" is cool, but this band is definatly not worthy of keeping the name, "Adema"
2007-04-17 04:05:13

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