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Neil Zaza - Melodica

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2004-10-18 Year: 2004
Label: Mascot
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Neil Zaza will release a new album with 15 tracks of instrumental guitar music that sounds really good. This is melodic AOR/Rock all the way and it could have been a strong AOR album if there would have been vocals in it. The musicstyle can be compared to Journey, The Storm and Toto so you can see that their is lots of AOR on this album.
I own two other releases from Mr. Zaza, the first is a album from 1991 called Party With The Big Boys that is a nice 80s hardrock/AOR album with hookladen songs. The 2nd one is the 1996 released Sing album that is only filled with instrumental music.
I?m not a big fan of instrumental music but this new album Melodica was a treat to listen to and I have to say that the production is top-notch with great sound. The guitarmelodies are fantastic through the whole album and he has manage to get a tight and fullness in the keyboardsound. The others that plays on the album is Bill Cioce(drums), Doug Johns(bass) and Mark Leach(hammond B3, organ, clavinet).
Their is many nice tracks on the album but one that really grab a hold of me was the beautiful The Flow. What a wonderful song were you just need to close your eyes and enjoy this lovely piece of work. The pompish rocker Very Important Cat Things is great aswell. Dan Reed Network are performing on the song Forgot To Make Her Mine.
Well, I guess this is album for lovers of instrumental music only but there is couple of songs that has really great AOR melodies and I hope Neil thinks it over next to put in some songs with vocals. He is a great guitarist that finds nice melodies and riffs to almost every song. There are a few songs that did not grab me but as I said I?m not into instrumental albums in general but I have to say that this was a nice one.

Tracklisting 1. On With The Show
2. This Time
3. All My Life...
4. As I Go Before You
5. Melodica
6. Breadstick
7. Ship Of Dreams
8. The Flow
9. I Can See Miracles
10. Across The Sands
11. Rena
12. Very Important Cat Things
13. Everything About You
14. Forgot To Make Her Mine
15. Goodbye


Melodic Net Comments 

Remarkable work from Mr. Zaza, once again. An outstanding performer and even better composer.

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