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Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny of souls

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Sanctuary
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Roy Z
Artist discography


Bruce Dickinson is not only famous as the singer of one of the biggest hardrock band in the world Iron Maiden. NO, he is also a critical acclaimned soloartist, pilot, DJ on a radiostation and host on Discovery Channel. So he is a busy man but now he?s back with his 5th soloalbum. It has taken him 7 years to follow up The Chemical Wedding and he has yet again worked with guitarrist, producer and songwriter Roy Z in Los Angeles.
This is a heavy hardrock album were Roy Z heavy riffs and Dickinsons characteristic vocals are in the frontrow. Ok, this is a solo album so I don?t understand why he has to sound so much Iron Maiden because many of the songs could have come from Iron Maiden albums. Sure there is songs that are sounding totally different from Maiden.
The acoustic Navigate The Seas Of The Sun is a nice piece of work that really shows what a fantastic singer he is. The melodic River Of No Return is a great melodic hardrock song with superb riffs and has a strong chorus. This is a song that makes me think of a heavier Bob Catley. Devil On A Nog is a awesome melodic riffantastic hardrock song a?la Pink Cream 69 with strong harmony vocals with a chorus filled with great hooklines and melodies.
Fans of Iron Maiden and Bruce?s soloalbum will take Tyranny Of Souls to their hearts for sure because he mixture styles from both sides.
I think personally that this is a bit up and down album but there is definitely moments that I even myself enjoyed. I have not been a huge fan of his previous soloalbums but this is a nice one.

Tracklisting 1. Mars Within
2. Abduction
3. Soul Intruders
4. Kill Devil Hill
5. Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
6. River Of No Return
7. Power Of The Sun
8. Devil On A Hog
9. Believel
10. Tyranny Of Souls


Melodic Net Comments 

damn good album
Bruce dickinson is really one of the best singers living today, arguably THE best. his wide variety of talent is displayed in this album, from Mars Within to A Tyranny of Souls. 10 amazing tracks on 1 album. not too many artists can boast that. so if you are a maiden fan or liked dickinsons previous solo albums, you sure as hell will like this album

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