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Finch - Say Hello To Sunshine

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-06-07 Year: 2005
Label: Geffen Records
Genre: Emo
Producer: Mark Trombino
Artist discography


Finch made one of the finest debut albums of 2002 with "What it is to burn" so it is with high expectations I waited for their new album to arrive and once again they worked with producer Mark Trombino (Diffuser,Jimmy Eat World) on the new album.
Is "Say hello to sunshine" as good as the first one? No,but then again it?s not a disappointment either coz Finch has their own cool style like a mix of numetal riffs with a posthardcore spirit performed the emo rocking way so the music is so goddamn good anyway.
The only band I can think of that sounds a bit like Finch are The Used,it?s so revealing that these bands never will be mainstream or politically correct if you know what I mean - the music business needs them as well as they need the fans to survive.
And fans they will keep with this new album coz these 14 new songs are enough energetic to re-charge alkaline batteries for life,however the debut is a little better but songs like "Revelation song","Dreams of Psilocybin" and "Miro" will be played a lot in my home.
Solid album!

Tracklisting 1. Insomniatic Meat
2. Revelation Song
3. Brother Bleed Brother
4. A Piece Of Mind
5. Ink
6. Fireflies
7. Hopeless Host
8. Reduced To Teeth
9. A Man Alone
10. Miro
11. Ravenous
12. Bitemarks And Bloodstains
13. The Casket Of Roderic Usher
14. Dreams Of Psilocybin


Melodic Net Comments 

Okay first lets get over the silly terms, emo posthardcore numetal etc. I don't care for them. Their debut LP "What it is to Burn" I didn't like at all but to be fair I never was into that kind of music, I thought it was rather cheesy. I appreciate what people say about WIITB how it was actually one of the first sounds to erupt the Emo scene (is that a compliment?) but I salute their effort to be trend setters ergo pioneers. But now it's time to talk about "Say Hello To Sunshine", and I'll say this with 100% justification. It's a masterpiece. Progressive, different and technical - this album really is a true testament to the band. I love the avoidance of standard structure (most songs aren't verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus) and the lovely signature changes, plus the odd moments of out of place/tune chords. This isn't pretentious stuff either (like most prog-rock) in fact I remember reading a review that praises the album for it's progressive songs but criticises the poppy-predictable choruses or bridge - but I completely disagree, when I listen to "Prog" stuff, I can pretty much predict it's unpredictability (i.e. I know it won't ever make a pop-riff) mixing poppy riffs with technical almost avant garde section is something SHTS pulls off, and it pulls off well. A lot of fans of WIITB don't like this album, and to be honest, they probably shouldn't because this is clearly a different band. I don't like WIITB, not that I have anything against pop, I just didn't like the album. SHTS though, took me some time to get into (it was reluctantly on my random playlist that soon grew on me) but it was well worth the wait.

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