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The Receiving End Of Sirens - Between the heart and the synapse

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-04-26
Label: Triple Crown
Genre: Emo
Artist discography


Boston based Emo band The Receiving end of sirens follows the trend and plays what a thousand other bands does today......they add nothing new to the genre,this is a competent band that will satisfy your hunger for new emo music if you´re a big fan of this type of music but if you´re already tired of it.....don´t bother to look this way.
For the known music ear,this band can be described as a more simple version of The Mars Volta or why not a complex punkrock band....I see no difference!
They´ve got a cool name and no doubt they´re tight but 70 minutes is way too long for any emo band,I just can´t take his tense vocals more than 45 mins.
Ok,no more no less.

Tracklisting 1. Prologue
2. Planning A Prison Break
3. The Rival Cycle
4. The Evidence
5. The War Of All Against All
6. ...Then I Defy You, Stars
7. Intermission
8. This Armistice
9. Broadcast Quality
10. Flee The Factory
11. Dead Men Tell No Tales
12. Venona
13. Epilogue


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