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The All-American Rejects - Move Along

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Interscope Records
Genre: Power Pop,  Pop Punk
Producer: Howard Benson
Artist discography


Tyson Ritter-Vocals,Bass and Nick Wheeler-Guitar of The All American Rejects is no longer a duo,on their long awaited new album "Move along" they are joined by Mike Kennerty-Guitars and Chris Gaylor-Drums.
This glowing powerpop unit sounds more like a full band on this album,there are some positive things and some negative things to say about this.
First I think it?s nice that they have a rawer sound and much edgier guitars on "Move along" but I also think that the first album was more original and featured more delicate arranged pop songs.
Don?t misunderstand me coz their 2005 effort will please many powerpop hearts out there and you will probably sing along to more songs in the future than just the single "Dirty little secret" - a truly great album ohyeah but it?s not as charming and unique as the debut.
There are in fact a lot of bands that would die for the ability of writing songs like these 12 new mega catchy pop pearls.
I just love the ballad "It ends tonight" and the cool "Nightdrive" has a nice 70?s beat,no doubt these dudes rock harder on "Move along" and it?s almost just as good as the debut....almost!

Tracklisting 1. Dirty Little Secret
2. Stab My Back
3. Move Along
4. It Ends Tonight
5. Change Your Mind
6. Night Drive
7. 11:11 PM
8. Dance Inside
9. Top Of The World
10. Straightjacket Feeling
11. I'm Waiting
12. Can't Take It
13. Night Drive - Acoustic Version


Melodic Net Comments 

Bengt Rist
Just the way I like it!! Better than their debut.

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