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Dope - American Apathy

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Artemis
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Edsel Dope
Artist discography


Edsel Dope and his pals hits the stores with their strongest effort so far on July 25th,"American Apathy" focuses on their president,weapon laws and American mentality in general lyricwise.
Edsel lines up murder riffs in a tight and massive wall of industry metal on "AA",he sure sounds angry on most of these new tunes but it works and when they get radio melodic on "Always" - the band shows that they are good melody makers as well.
But it?s the riffs that dominates this album and it can get a little too much of the good thing when the majority of the songs run you over with it?s compact sound.
The track "Let?s fuck" could?ve been lifted off the album coz it?s only ridiculous,the strong opening track "I?m back" sets the course of where this metal ship is sailing out to and the new single "No way out" is the perfect choice to get rid of annoying neighbors - play it real loud.
Their cover of Depeche Mode?s "People are people" is nice but it?s not the first time a band covers this track,the two German bands Stone the crow and Scam Luiz also did great versions of this song so why didn?t they chose another DM track instead?
Anyway,Dope rocks in 2005.

Tracklisting 1. I'm Back
2. Survive
3. No Way Out
4. Always
5. Bastard
6. Sex Machine
7. Four More Years
8. Revolution
9. Let's F*ck
10. F*ck the World
11. I Wish I Was the President
12. Dream
13. The Life
14. People Are People
15. Bitch (Alternat Version)
16. F*ck The Police - 2005 Studio Version
17. Burn



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