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Icon - Night of the crime

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 1985
Label: Capitol/Rock Candy
Genre: AOR
Producer: Eddie Kramer
Artist discography


Thanks to the new label Rock Candy records,every single fan of classic rock albums will be happy to see such splendid albums like Riot?s "Narita" that our editor in chief Par Winberg reviewed earlier and this masterpiece from 1985 with Icon being re-released this year.
Also Helix "No rest for the wicked" has been released from former Kerrang journalists Derek Oliver and Dante Bonutto?s new label,but it?s Icon?s second album "Night of the crime" we?re dealing with here and it?s without doubt one of the best hard rock albums ever released.
The good ol 80?s when you were running to the record store coz you heard the new album with your favorite band had been released,the feeling when you put on an album like this one and just stood there with an open mouth and just wanted to scream.......will never be the same again as it was back then when it was alright to have fluffy hair and shining boots.
Earlier this year the Krokus singer Marc Storace paid a tribute to Icon with the Swiss band BISS on their version of "Raise the hammer",I?m a little surprised though that not more bands have done covers of these songs coz this album is like a goldmine of excellent hardrock songs.
"Naked eyes","Missing","Danger calling" and "Shot at my heart"....the list just goes on.
Singer Stephen Clifford left the band after NOTC and was replaced by Jerry Harrison on the disappointing follow up "Right between the eyes",it wasn?t until the cassette album "An even more perfect union" that Icon was close on finding that right vibe that NOTC had.
The AOR crusade continues!

Tracklisting 1. Naked Eyes
2. Missing
3. Danger Calling
4. (Take Another) Shot At My Heart
5. Out for Blood
6. Raise the Hammer
7. Frozen Tears
8. The Whites of Their Eyes
9. Hungry for Love
10. Rock My Radio


Melodic Net Comments 

I love this glad to see the guys back at it again it's been way too long. Cant way for the reissue, my copy has seen better days. Also Right Between the Eyes was not disappointing...just not marketed right!!!!!

Pete Klymczuk
I dug this album out recently and recalled how i was blown away by this Eddie Kramer produced album. It still sounds great even by todays standards. Given the evidence displayed on NOTC, Icon where probably the best band of their type to emerge in the mid 80?s. The first 4 tracks on Side One are truly inspired. A perfect blend of crunching riffs and perfect melodies. They sure dont make em like this anymore!

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