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The Click Five - Greetings From Imrie House

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-08-08
Label: Lava/Atlantic
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Mike Denneen
Artist discography


This Boston based band call themselves for "new school powerpop" and I wont argue coz The Click Five plays supercatchy,sugarsweet,charming and 80?s influenced pop a la The Cars but with Beach Boys harmonies.
It?s hard to resist their sunny and happy music,the layers of harmony vocals can make any vocal trainer smile - some might say that this sounds like a dated affair of 80?s nostalgia but that?s where they?re wrong coz the production is modern and fresh.
Pop like the one on "Greetings from Imrie house" will always be timeless,just look at Fountains of Wayne who are mighty popular today and speaking of FOW - their frontman Adam Schlesinger wrote the 2 songs "Just the girl" and "I?ll take my chances" (co-written with the Scott brothers of Swirl 360 and also featured on their 98 release "Ask anybody").

Made like hand in glove for this cool band!
And it doesnt stop there,this band also met Paul Stanley of Kiss back in 2003 and wrote the splendid "Angel to you" together - Paul is a hero of mine and proves once again why he still is a hero on this rocker.
The band even throw in a lovely cover of Thompson Twins old hit "Lies" in this confetti rain of pop pearls.
Now you ask yourselves,if TCF cannot do anything on their own? Well I?m happy to inform you all that the best songs are the ones composed by the band such as the hauntingly beautiful "Catch your wave" and the new powerpop classic "Pop princess".
Goddamn and holy shit what a song that is,bring me a six pack and some snacks....I?m gonna have a party of my own right here,right now!!!!
Top 20 album without doubt.

Tracklisting 1. Good Day
2. Just The Girl
3. Catch Your Wave
4. I'll Take My Chances
5. Friday Night
6. Angel To You
7. Resign
8. Pop Princess
9. Time Machine
10. Lies
11. Say Goodnight


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