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Thirty Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-08-16 Year: 2005
Label: Virgin Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Josh Abraham
Artist discography


Aug.30 is the date when 30 Seconds to Mars new album "A beautiful lie" hits the stores,a record every fan of strong melodies and fresh modern rock should have in their collection.
Since day one when I heard this band?s self titled debut in 2002,I have loved this band?s unique sound and spacey songs.

How often does it happen that an actor actually manages to pull off a great music career? , many has tried and just as many has failed but frontman Jared Leto found his key to success with this band.

I love this band?s name,it?s truly one of the coolest around - this new album was meant to be called "Battle of one" when they started recording it in April 2004 but then changed to the official title "A beautiful lie".
I kinda liked that first working title of the record coz it was more unique and appropriate for the sound of 30 STM but this new one will do too.

The band recorded with Bob Ezrin on the debut but recruited Josh Abraham for the new album,they have done the album in 6 different studios in 9 months and wrote around 40 songs for the record but only 12 made it to the final cut.

First it was only meant to be 10 tracks on the album but it leaked on the internet early this summer so the band decided on recording 2 more songs to add as a bonus for the fans to buy it when it?s released.

They are the heavy and fast "Battle of one" that sounds like a true live rocker and a future fan fave on many shows to come,the other one is a cover of Bjork?s "Hunter" and the band has really caught the spirit of Bjork?s wonderful song here.
Is this perhaps the start of many rock bands to cover Bjork since already Abandoned Pools did "Army of me" on their latest EP this summer too,I dont mind!

On the debut,Jared played almost everything by himself except the drums that was handled by his brother Shannon - this time they are a band with bassist Matt Wachter and guitarist Tomo Milicevic joining the forces.
Some fans may accuse 30 STM for having sold out coz the new album is more commercial and not as unique as the debut but the songs on "A beautiful lie" are strong enough to lift an elephant.

From the opening track and hit single "Attack",you?re about to hear an impressive list of anthemic rock songs like "The kill","Was it a dream" and "Saviour".
The best song of them all is the fave "From yesterday" and will you believe me if I say that Jared almost scrapped it from the record??!! Yes it?s true,he wasn?t satisfied with how the song sounded with the band but eventually it came to life and ended up on the record - what an amazing song this is!!!!
All in all,30 STM is not a beautiful lie - it?s the awakening truth.

Tracklisting 1. ATTACK
2. A Beautiful Lie
3. The Kill (Bury Me)
4. Was It A Dream?
5. The Fantasy
6. Savior
7. From Yesterday
8. The Story
9. R-Evolve
10. A Modern Myth
11. Battle of One
12. Hunter
13. ATTACK (Live)


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this is an amazing group!and´ hot
2007-04-05 13:44:10

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