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Simple Minds - Black and White 050505

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Sanctuary
Genre: Pop,  New Wave
Producer: Bob Clearmountain
Artist discography


I remember when I got a package from my friend Tomas back in 1985. We were "hardrockers" back then with long hair and t-shirts saying Thin Lizzy... He sent me new tapes once every month while I was an exchangestudent down in France and in one package he sent a tape with the new album with Simple Minds called "Once Upon A Time". I remember thinking that the man must have got insane. Simple Minds - a synthband from hell... Why the hell did he send me that for? I put the tape into the player and have since that day been a H U G E Simple Minds fan. I went to see them on the tour in Avignon the same year and was totally blown away by them. That is 20 f*****g years ago. Geeehhh... I?m starting to get old.... Here I am - sitting in my "boyroom" listening to a new Simple Minds album once again. The only differences are that instead of having Mom and Dad at "home" I have a wife and own kids and as I said a new Simple Minds album in the player. And that is what this review is about... A brand N E W produced Simple Minds album where the rumor said that they should?ve gone back to the sound of the mighty mid 80?s. The producer from the classic years Bob Clearmountain is back and the ambition of this timetravel back to the 80?s is obvious. Do they succeed then? The opening "Stay Visible" is marvelous. A tremendous bombastic opener of the album and the same flow continues in second out "Home". Fourth out "Different World" starts out with the patented piano-trademark of Kerr and his men and steps into a big refrain in the typical way for the band. The main part of the album is in this good shape but there are two nonsense-tunes that doesn?t grab at all (out of 9), and you can?t really compare the album to the classic "Once upon..." and "Real Life" and the four stars I give the album are of course based on the quality of the album but spiced with a touch from my heart called nostalgy... but who gives a f**k... Jim Kerr and his men are back and that in very good shape. Now we just want that tour also...

Tracklisting 1. Stay Visible
2. Home
3. Stranger
4. Different World (Taormina.Me)
5. Underneath The Ice
6. Jeweller
7. A Life Shot In Black And White
8. Kiss The Ground
9. Dolphins


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