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Switchfoot - Nothing Is Sound

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: John Fields
Artist discography


Do we have H U G E expectations on the new Switchfoot album or do we have H U G E expectations? You all know the answer. We have B L O O D Y H U G E expectations. So it?s not funny for the guys to step into the ring of reviews with these words written. The last four albums with Switchfoot are all more or less fabulous modern rock albums and for me their latest album "The Beautiful Leftdown" ended up to 3 of my best albums that year - with that mentioned just to build up the expectations even more. So over to the album than... Is it good? Well what do you think? Of course it?s good. But that is not the question. Is it as good as their previous works?... The album have some fabulous songs that normal modern rock bands would kill for - like "Setting Sun", the rockier "Politicians", the absolute stunning "We Are One Tonight", the Coldplay-smelling "Shadow Proves The Sunshine" and the melodic orgasm "Easier Than Love". So the answer if they manage to stay on the top of faveband of mine I must say a big freekin? YEPP even if I think that "The Beautiful Leftdown" was a tiny winy little percent better.

Tracklisting 1. Lonely Nation
2. Stars
3. Happy Is A Yuppie Word
4. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
5. Easier Than Love
6. The Blues
7. The Setting Sun
8. Politicians
9. Golden
10. The Fatal Wound
11. We Are One Tonight
12. Daisy


Melodic Net Comments 

This record feels even better now, after the release of the disappointing "oh! gravity".

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