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The Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2007-05-01 Year: 2007
Label: Paper Fist/Abacus Recordings
Genre: Emo
Producer: John Travis
Artist discography


The 4th full length album from The Juliana Theory comes out on a new label again,it?s the 3rd time they change labels - from Tooth and Nail on the first two and Epic on the strong 2003 release "Love".
This time they signed with Abacus/Paper fist and I must say that the new album is their most energetic album so far,it?s really wrong to label their music for emo rock only coz TJT are so much more than an ordinary emo band.
I liked their previous effort "Love" a lot but I think "Deadbeat sweetheart" is in fact a little better,they line up the goods to be served as a giant smorgasbord of anthemic rock.
If you have heard the new single "This is a love song" and like it,there?s plenty of what that came from on this 50 minute long cd.
"Leave like a ghost" and "My heart is a soldier" are amongst the best tracks recorded with this band.
Brett Detar?s voice reminds a bit of Billy Squier and I only see that as a bonus coz it?s quite unique,I wonder if Brett and Co had Beatles White Album in mind when they did the cover to "Deadbeat Sweetheart"?!
The only tracks that doesn?t match the rest are two last ones on the record,"French kiss off" and the bonus track "Her velvet voice" are nothing but fillers.
I promise that you will play this album more than twice......yummy!


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