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The Audition - Controversy Loves Company

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-09-30 Year: 2011
Label: Victory Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: John Naclerio
Artist discography


Chicago based The Audition hails somewhere between punkpop and emo,their debut is a real short album with only 30 minutes of running time!
We?re talking melodic punkpop here and I?m truly a sucker for energetic rock like this album,I can admit that their style is hardly groundbreaking but this 5 piece sure can write catchy songs that will make any punkpop fan stomp their feet.
"You?ve made us conscious" is one of those tracks you wanna hear all over again,great melodies in a smart performance and what about the singalong tune "Too late".......the chorus almost breathes powerpop and I?ll be damned if not the song reminds a lot of Zebrahead.
Plenty of uptempo rockers as far as the eye can see and the variation of emo rock and pure punkpop makes this album a real nice affair to listen to.
The closing track "Smoke and mirrors" shows the band?s strength of writing hitsingle contenders with at least 3 songs that could carry the album to success.
Mighty fine album!

Tracklisting 1. Dance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns
2. You've Made Us Conscious
3. It's Too Late
4. Approach the Bench
5. The Ultimate Coverup
6. Don't Be So Hard
7. Lawyers
8. Rep Your Clique
9. La Rivalita
10. Smoke and Mirrors


Melodic Net Comments 

I LOVE THESE GUYS! but they dont have a webpage? what is going on?

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude i luv ur band n i me danny wooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah i love the audition, cant wait till i see them on the 21st sept. in bristol uni [victory records tour] cant wait :]

this band is awsome hope they have a new video you guys are a mixture of fall out boy and taking back sunday you rock

I f****** love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock my f****** sox!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s you?re sooooooooooo hott!!! how old are you?

it is awesome !!!!!!!!!

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