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Thrice - Vheissu

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Island Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: Steve Osbourne
Artist discography


Just like Story of the year,the posthardcore unit of Thrice also released a Live CD/DVD after their major label debut with the exception of that Thrice has released 2 albums independently before "The artist in the ambulance" on Island in 2003.
The Live album "If we could only see us now" released earlier this year also contained a nine-song EP of B-sides and non-LP tracks.
Something to feed the hungry fans in the waiting of the new studio album that will be out Oct.18th,Thrice worked with the brilliant sound engineer Brian McTernan on their Island debut but has changed producer to Steve Osbourne (U2,Peter Gabriel) on "Vheissu".
The mystery of the process is summed up by the album?s cryptic title, a reference from the Thomas Pynchon novel "V." The moniker is similar to the German phrase "Wie Heisst du?" which translates to "what are you called".

Apparently the band was burned out on heavy and agressive music coz the new album is more unpredictable and a little softer,it?s not a soft album - this California quartet still rock like a horsekick in your face but there?s more room for adventurous song structures on "Vheissu".
I think Steve Osbourne is one of the reasons behind the epic feel on many of the new songs,the album opens with the great new single "Image of the invisible" that gets stuck in the head after just one spin in the stereo.
Frontman Dustin Kensrue has grown as a songwriter and shows on these new songs that he and the band has taken a bold step with being really artistic creative.

The mighty and dark "The Earth will shake" is a good example of the new road they are walking on now,you might not get an immediate impression of these new more difficult songs but let it spin a few times and discover a totally new face of Thrice.
The hauntingly beautiful "Atlantic" has that melancholic autumn feel I like so much - this album is worth it?s place in your cd collection for sure.
Applause please!

Tracklisting 1. Image Of The Invisible - Album Version (Edited)
2. Between The End And Where We Lie - Album Version (Edited)
3. The Earth Will Shake - Album Version (Edited)
4. Atlantic
5. For Miles - Album Version (Edited)
6. Hold Fast Hope - Album Version (Edited)
7. Music Box - Album Version (Edited)
8. Like Moths To Flame - Album Version (Edited)
9. Of Dust And Nations
10. Stand And Feel Your Worth - Album Version (Edited)
11. Red Sky


Melodic Net Comments 

Pisses me off that rolling stone doesn?t see this album as anything less than amazing and inspiring...Fucking retards couldn?t review an album if thier life depended on it. At least this review gives it justice. I remember when they reviewed a certain album called "Morning View" by Incubus...they gave it a shitty review, I think a 2 out of 5 or so...which was later posted in another issue and reviewed again saying that it was more like a 4 out of 5 stars. Fuck major magazines reviews or reviews in general...make your own fucking review cause that?s all that really matters...You listen to something long enough anyways, eventually you?ll be singing the lyrics anyways. I will always hold this album as one of my all time favorties, not just as my favorite Thrice album, but one of my favorties of all time.

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