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Erol Sora - Demented Honour

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Duration/MTM Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Erol Sora
Artist discography


Erol Sora is a guitarplayer/singer from Vancouver,Canada that has played with former Uriah Heep/Lucifers Friend singer John Lawton as well as studio sessions with former members of Black Sabbath,Foghat,Survivor and Quiet Riot.
Now,Erol has recorded his own solo album called "Demented honour" that will appeal to fans of classic rock like Bad Company,Y&T and Whitesnake.
The music is very melodic and bluesy at times,I think Erol?s voice reminds a bit of Dave Meniketti of Y&T - he?s a good vocalist and even a better guitarist.
I like it how he mixes electric and acoustic guitars in the songs,there are no killer songs that lifts up the album to higher grounds but there are no fillers either.....since you don?t get to hear that many releases nowadays that sounds like Erol Sora?s solo album - I am quite happy play this flashback of the 80?s.
Thumbs up!

Juha?s opinion:
Here we have an album that came out of nowhere. I had never heard of Erol Sora before I played his debut album.
He has participated in countless studio sessions and has worked with numerous musicians, including former members of Quite Riot and Survivor while living in LA. Demented Honour offers everything from AOR, Hardrock, Rock and Pop elements with a touch of blues.
You can hear clear influences from bands like Bad Company, Thunder, Deep Purple and Lucifer?s Friend. So you can?t complain on the variation on this album.
Then we come to the songs that are very up and down and I have to say that it?s mostly down.
The album opens up with the excellent AOR-rocker "Highway To Nowhere" that has great hooklines and a catchy chorus, the song of the album. I thought after the first song that this might be a new sensation but unfortunate the rest of the album didn?t hold the same level.
Another song that deserv to be mentioned is the Thunder sounding rocker "Barstool Corner" that is really nice.
Production-wise the album holds good class. But songs like "Guilty", "Piece Of Paper", "Broken Dreams" and "If You Ever Need Love" are way too average in my mind. A Couple of nice ones with good playing, vocals and production but in the end this will go by without notice I?m afraid.


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