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Mest - Photographs

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Maverick Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: John Feldmann
Artist discography


The new album from punkpopband Mest won?t surprise anyone,in fact it?s so predictable music that no bookmakers in the world wants to make a bet on it - there are higher odds on seing a paparrazzi chasing Britney Spears.
But you can look at Mest?s new album "Photographs" from another perspective,they make well produced and catchy punkpop that for certain will be a success in the homes of fans to Good Charlotte,New Found Glory and Simple Plan.
The hit melodies come sweeping over the listener like hurricanes in the Mexican gulf,producer John Feldmann who also stood behind the band?s previous album did a perfect job on this million bucks sounding album.
Then ofcourse,the 70?s punkrocker will only say this is overproduced and too nice but my 13 year old daughter who adores Green Day will play this album over and over again.
You can look at it from both sides and both sides are right in their own way.
Mest gives their fans what they want!

Tracklisting 1. Take Me Away [Cried Out To Heaven]
2. Kiss Me, Kill Me
3. Photographs
4. Cursed
5. As His Black Heart Dies [My Mistake]
6. This Time
7. Graveyard
8. Nightmare
9. Can't Take This
10. Dying For You
11. Tonight Will Last Forever
12. Last Kiss


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