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Brian Joseph - If I Never Sleep Again

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Independent
Genre: Midwest Rock
Artist discography


There is one big problem with this album. I don?t remember it after I listened to it. And that is quite a sad thing to do when you have listened to an album in a genre you like a lot. With that said I can?t say that Brian?s album is bad. It?s not. It?s just so ?in the middle of the road? so I can?t really bother. The voice is more than OK and so is the production. The songwriting is also OK, but it doesn?t grab me for a second. Or I shouldn?t say ?for a second? because there are a few tracks that stands out a little bit from the rest and that is the beautiful ?Patience? and the soft and naked ?Lullaby for Mom And Dad?.
That is a really nice song with his voice close to the microphone and a trumpet as the companion. Lovely. It?s a pity that he doesn?t show that side a little bit more on the album.

Tracklisting 1. If I Never Sleep Again
2. 140x
3. Patience
4. Baby Looks Good
5. Lullabye For Mom And Dad
6. 9 Months To Fix The World
7. Making Love
8. I Am Born
9. King Of Echo Park
10. Eli's Song
11. Alpha And Omega


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