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Demon Hunter - The Triptych

Demon Hunter - The Triptych

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Solid State
Genre: Metal
Producer: Aaron Sprinkle
Artist discography


This is a numetal monster of a record,what you possibly can ask for in a mega heavy record with all from a gigantic rhythm section to murderous riffs,roars of anger and blockbuster choruses.
It is all here in this package called "The triptych",this really came as a surprise to me since I wasn?t too impressed with Demon Hunter?s previous album "Summer of darkness".
It was a bit non-melodic and contained more growls than melodic vocals but this time,the vocals is more balanced and the band has also written better songs - you could say they have grown from medium size to X-large.

Producer Aaron Sprinkle has done a fantastic job as usual,I love his productions that are always top notch and I can only come to the conclusion that this record is up there with the best ones in this genre which are: Ill Nino?s "Confession",Sevendust?s "Seasons",Saliva?s "Back into your system",Burn Season,Breaking Benjamin?s "We are not alone",Disturbed?s "Ten thousand fists",Stereomud?s "Every given moment" and Filter?s "The amalgamut".
This is without doubt the heaviest band to come out of Seattle making music that stands as solid as the rocks in Stonehenge.
Also a very cool cover of Prong?s "Snap your fingers,snap your neck" originally recorded in 1994.

Tracklisting 1. The Flame That Guides Us Home
2. Not I
3. Undying
4. Relentless Intolerance
5. Deteriorate
6. The Soldier's Song
7. Fire To My Soul
8. One Thousand Apologies
9. The Science Of Lies
10. Snap Your Finger Snap Your Neck
11. Ribcage
12. The Tide Began To Rise


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