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Vision Divine - The Perfect Machine

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Scarlet
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Timo Tolkki
Artist discography


One of my latest discoveries in the world of music is the Italian powermetal act Vision Divine. It first started off with the singer Michele Luppi?s solo album Strive ,released earlier this year that was a very good AOR album.
So after that I hooked up with Vision Divine and digged their mixture of powermetal and melodic hardrock.
It has been a busy year for this band after their first DVD release Stage Of Consciousness in September and now a brand new studio album. This is a fine follow up to their last album "Stream Of Consciousness" that has been produced by Stratovarious mastermind Timo Tolkki with a great result.
This album has a wonderful mix of power, melodies, aggression and hooklines that Timo Tolkki is responsible for. I have to say that I love their sense of doing songs with pure melodies and even if it?s heavy and powerful - it never goes over the line to a heavier sound, just heavy with plenty of melodies.

Mr. Luppi has a wonderful voice that is made for Vision Divine?s sound and this is only his 2nd album with V.D, still he makes a great impression. The album contains 9 tracks and the running time is over 50 minutes but still I would have wanted to hear more songs but those that are on the album stands the ground and holds a high quality.
The semiballad "Here In 6048" is a masterpiece with a fantastic pianosound and brilliant melodies. On the 2nd part of the song they turn up the speed to a more up-tempo rocker. "Land Of Fear" is stunning with a right in your face chorus that will hook you up right away.
This is a riffstrong song that reminds very much of Royal Hunt at their best moments. "1st Day Of A Never Ending Day" is also a pure winner for powermetal fans, just listen to the wonderul melodies, strong hooklines and the pompish keyboards. Great stuff.

This is the 4th album from this amazing band from Italy and if you own Stream Of Consciousness ,then this new one will give you a good time. This is just as good and in some places even better. Vision Divine is almost The Perfect Machine.


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