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Lars Eric Mattsson - Earthbound

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-04-20 Year: 2006
Label: Lion Music
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Lars Eric Mattsson
Artist discography


"Earthbound" is the first instrumental release in 14 years from Lion Music mainman Lars Eric Mattsson,I think he?s involved 50% of that label?s releases as a producer or just a guitarist/songwriter.
Some of the works he?s been involved in lately are Mattsson-War (2005),Book of Reflections (2004),Vision-On the edge (2004) plus all the tributes to Shawn Lane,Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore.
On "Earthbound" Mattsson handles all instruments except drums which are played by his buddy Eddie Sledgehammer.
The music on his new album is hardrock based and melodic instrumental guitar rock,the positive thing is that we don?t get to hear so much of those annoying speedy gonzales notes.
I also like the normal length of the album with the running time of 44 minutes,the way records should be made always instead of filling the whole cd with music up to 80 minutes.
Mattsson is a great guitarist and I especially like the oriental side to his compositions in the songs "Time capsule" and "Dehli".
But when he shows the more traditional hardrocking style a la Tony Macalpine,the music tends to be a little predictable and quite average.
We?ve heard it before so to speak.

Tracklisting 1. From The Skies
2. Earthbound
3. Time Capsule
4. Delhi
5. Shredhead
6. The Orchid
7. Free Wind
8. Song Of The Woods
9. Closed Eyes
10. ...Later


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