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Oliver Wakeman - Mothers Ruin

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Progrock Records
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Oliver Wakeman
Artist discography


Discography:Heaven?s Isle (1997),Jabberwocky /with Clive Nolan (1999),The 3 ages of Magick (2001),The Hound of the Baskervilles /with Clive Nolan (2002),Purification by sound (2003),Mother?s Ruin (2005)
Bandmembers:Oliver Wakeman ? Keyboards,Moon Kinnaird ? Vocals,David Mark Pearce ? Guitars,Tim Buchanan ? Bass,Dave Wagstaff - Drums
Influences:Classical music,Celtic music,Yes,Rick Wakeman
Will appeal to fans of:Asia (The John Payne years),Three,Robert Berry
Album tracks:Total length:52,14
1.Don?t come running (3,45)
2.The agent (8,36)
3.In the movies (5,11)
4.Walk away (4,25)
5.Mother?s ruin (6,11)
6.Calling for you (4,02)
7.If you?re leaving (4,51)
8.I don?t believe in angels (4,32)
9.Wall of water (10,42)
Kaj?s final words:If you?re a fan of song oriented and keyboard based progrock,then Oliver Wakeman?s latest effort is the perfect choice for you.
Oliver doesn?t walk in his father?s footsteps musicwise,well they?re both into progressive music but Oliver doesn?t compose with the same style and instead focuses on more rock oriented songs on "Mother?s Ruin".
Oliver loves to put layers of keyboards on these songs and I can?t say no to the mighty "In the movies" which is my personal fave,I?m no fan of Kinnaird?s voice and believes this album could be a lot better with a more suitable singer.
Still, it?s a solid piece of work!


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