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Karnivool - Themata

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2007-04-10
Label: Karnivool Publishing (ASCAP)
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: Forrester Savell/Karnivool
Artist discography


Discography:Karnivool EP (2000),Persona EP (2001),L1feL1ke EP (2002),Themata (2005)
Bandmembers:Ian Kenny - Vocals,Andrew Goddard - Guitar,Mark Hosking - Guitar,Jon Stockman - Bass,Steve Judd - Drums
Will appeal to fans of:The Butterfly Effect,Flaw,A Perfect Circle
Album tracks:Total length:48,52
1.Cote (5,50)
2.Themata (5,40)
3.Shutterspeed (3,46)
4.Fear of the sky (5,16)
5.Roquefort (4,38)
6.L1feL1ke (4,40)
7.Scarabs (2,10)
8.Sewn and silent (4,11)
9.Mauseum (3,54)
10.Synops (4,53)
11.Omitted for clarity (0,20)
12.Change part 1 (3,28)
Kaj?s final words:So you thought the Australian numetal scene was all about The Butterfly Effect,Sunk Loto,Full Scale and Cog - then think again coz from the Westcoast we find the enormous and powerful quintet of Karnivool!
This band was formed in 1998 and their full length debut "Themata" has been more than 3 years in the making,everyday of this time was worth the effort and the long process coz their metal is as untamed as a vicious Razorback!
With oriental harmonies,intelligent songwriting,pounding rhythms and unexpected chordchanges - Karnivool is the Mad Max of metal,wild and entertaining!
"Themata" also ends just like a horrormovie that opens for a sequel,I can?t wait to hear Change part 2 and it better be soon................

Tracklisting 1. Cote
2. Themata
3. Shutterspeed
4. Fear Of The Sky
5. Roquefort
6. L1fel1ke
7. Scarabs
8. Sewn And Silent
9. Mauseum
10. Synops
11. Omitted For Clarity
12. Change (Part 1)


Melodic Net Comments 

chris m
oh no i can't edit my ranking.. new post!

chris m
drew played the drums on the whole album except of lifelike. great album, great band

yo am a Mauritian and heard from this band from a friend of mine from Australia...god damn really is a great band.. my band is inspired by Karnivool and we actually made 2compositions inspired from the feeling we get from this band.. long live music...

I can't get enough of Karnivool! They are definitely my favourite band. Every other band I listen to doesn't cut it for me any more.

The title track Themata is superb... these guys are on the plane right now to the US and they┬┤re going eat Metallica. This just the kind of intelligence that metal is calling for.
2007-06-01 08:29:01

2007-04-18 04:47:49

You gotta get this album.. anyone into Tool, APC, Incubus, Metallica, anything heavy and melodic, with wicked changes in timing and if you have an appreciation of well constructed, awesome riffs, and intricate vocals - GET THIS NOW!! Just been released in UK & USA. Do it. Go to their myspace if you are still not convinced for a preview!
2007-04-18 04:46:58

Stunning - 5 star album all the way.
2007-04-12 01:50:10

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