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All The Brightness - Lost in the soul deposit

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-12-08 Year: 2005
Label: 3 for all music
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Sean Baillie
Artist discography


Have you decided on your top album list of best modern rock albums of 2005 yet?
Then I´m afraid I have to interfear on that one coz the Toronto trio All The Brightness debut "Lost in the soul deposit" contains 10 edgy hard hitting modern rock tracks with crunchy guitars and super melodic choruses.
Ok,this have been done before so it´s nothing new under the sun but the music is well performed and with a million buck sounding production you just can?t go wrong.
Sometimes you just wanna rock without any bigger complications in the music,that?s where this band comes in and turns up the amps at max - frontman Nick Mazzei knows how to rock with class.
Let me tell you,Chad Kroeger has to watch out coz the spot of being the no:1 modern rock composer in Canada may change with Mazzei around.
The rocker "Never you" gets the motor running for sure and is powered with enough kilowatts to light up Las Vegas (to use the words in their biography).
So are you sure you wanna stick with your toplist as it is? :D)

Wippssons opinion about the album
Can?t do anything else than agree with Kaj cause this a massive portion of melodic modern rock. Really good from start to end with all the ingredients that you want to have that for sure!! We got rough guitars, a great vocalist in Nick Mazzei and perfect rock anthems that would suit in any action movie these days.
Canada is the best country when it comes to modern rock like this. They got Nickelback, Closure and 40 Foot Echo that are all in the highest division, playing very tasty and uncomplicated rock that is both timeless and modern. I cant say that these guys are any better than any of those bands, but on the other hand not any weaker, so if you?re into this kind of stuff , ?"Lost in the soul deposit" " with All The Brightness is a very safe investment. Very competent modern rock with classic hardrock influences all over. Thumbs up guys, we want more!!

Tracklisting 1. Soul Deposit
2. Beautiful Massacre
3. One Thing
4. Come A Long Way
5. Never You
6. Waiting
7. Frozen
8. 'Til It's Over
9. Blanket Of Bliss
10. When It All Made Sense


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