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Yellowcard - Lights and sounds

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Capitol Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Artist discography


The boys of Yellowcard are growing up,they aren?t singing about American society and breakups anymore - the songs on the new album "Lights and sounds" are more about life?s global tragedies and fear of the future.
The sound is tougher but also more arranged with an orchestra on a few songs,the more serious tone in the lyrics has also affected the music which isn?t as bright as the 2.5 million selling "Ocean avenue".
The new record doesn?t get stuck as easily as the catchy debut did,in someway "Lights and sounds" feels like Yellowcard?s "American idiot" but I doubt it will sell as many copies as Green Day did.
Sure,the title track has potential of being a huge hit but I just don?t hear any more chart rockets on this album.

The violin part that made the major label debut so interesting has a lower profile on "Lights and sounds" which is a shame coz that?s the trademark of Yellowcard?s sound.
It?s a beautiful David Foster sounding intro called "Three flights up" that floats into the fast rocking title track which sets the level pretty high from the start,but I?m no friend of the 3 midtempo acoustic based tracks "City of devils","Two weeks from twenty" and "How I go".
This album sounds like a mix between Something Corporate?s "North" and Autopilot Off?s "Make a sound".
Good album but not worth the hype I?m reading everywhere on the net!
Highlights:Sure thing falling,Down on my head,Words Hands Hearts

Tracklisting 1. Three Flights Up
2. Lights And Sounds
3. Down On My Head
4. Sure Thing Falling
5. City of Devils
6. Rough Landing, Holly
7. Two Weeks From Twenty
8. Waiting Game
9. Martin Sheen Or JFK
10. Space Travel
11. Grey
12. Words, Hands, Hearts
13. How I Go
14. Holly Wood Died


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