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Kiff - You Cant Keep It Down

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Independent
Genre: Pop
Producer: Kiff
Artist discography


Location:San Fransisco,USA
Discography:Chris Gallagher-Will and surrender (2003),You can?t keep it down (2005)
Bandmembers:Chris "Kiff" Gallagher - Vocals/Piano,D Nerv - Guitar, Darian Gray - Drums,Mark Calderon - Bass, Maya K - Keys,Ariah Firefly - Backing vocals
Influences:Ben Folds,Hall and Oates,Stevie Wonder
Will appeal to fans of:Maroon 5,Daniel Powter,Square,Simon Apple
Album tracks Total length:41,04
1.Now (2,54)
2.Coming home (3,15)
3.Lies (3,48)
4.Die 4 the cause (3,44)
5.Starting line (3,20)
6.How it feels (3,11)
7.Just give it up (4,09)
8.Your body (4,16)
9.Talk to me (3,51)
10.Follow the leader (3,46)
11.In this world (4,50)
Kaj?s final words:Elegant piano based pop with delicate vocals from the fabulous and talented musician Chris "Kiff" Gallagher now just simply named Kiff to his fans,we raved about his first album here at and now we?re continuing the hype of his lovely new album.
This is for music lovers coz his songs feels all the way down to the toes through the entire body up to the head with a stop at the heart to make it beat faster,his westcoast rock influences only makes the music even more irresistable.
There?s something terribly wrong with radio if they won?t play songs like "Now" and "How it feels"!

I can just agree with Kajs word. Kiff is a true hero and I was just about to write a review of this album when I saw that Kaj done one. So I can just put myself in the crowd and shout a big freekin bravo to Kiff and for me this is a four star album. This man is up there on the same level as the name of the guys that Kaj mentioned in the review. Check him out today folks.


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