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Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Teleprompt
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Mute Math & Tedd T
Artist discography


Born in the dust-laden family garage with archaic samplers, Radio Shack mics, and broken record players, Mute Math have been noisily calculating their notes for the past few years. This electro-alt rock collaboration between longtime friends Paul Meany (vocals/keys), Darren King (drums), Greg Hill (guitar), and Roy Mitchell-C?rdenas (bass) has crept up on the music scene with force thanks to the ?04 release of their "Reset" EP (Teleprompt), the onslaught of a worldwide fan-base driven to their website, and this year?s nearly sold-out nationwide Spring tour...

That?s how their bio describe the band and I have a slight problem? It?s just February and I have probably already heard the best album of 2006. It?s in one way boring to write that this early of the year but I can?t see anything that will beat this masterpiece of album during the year. It would easily have won the best album of the year award the last two years ? probably more? but what the heck.. lets concentrate of the album instead.
The album has a marvelous mix between The Police patented sound from the early 80?s mixed with the bombastic parts of bands like Flickerstick, Mew and Deccatree mixed with a more modern edge in the production signed by the band and Tedd T. And what a f*****g awesome production and sound the album sits one.
It is the best production and sound I have heard in the 2000 century without any doubts. I mean, listen to second out ?Typical?? Music the year 2006 can?t be better than this. I listened to this tune five times in a row when I got the album last week. I was/is completely stunned each time I hear it? And that is just one tune? The whole album is on the same level. And the most scary thing is that the album only get better for each listen? I will not sit here and write down names of tunes because that is unnecessary. Get your copy today via

This is a masterpiece all through and it will be a classic album without any doubts.

Tracklisting 1. Odd Soul
2. Prytania
3. Blood Pressure
4. Tell Your Heart Heads Up
5. All Or Nothing
6. Sun Ray
7. Allies
8. Cavalries
9. Walking Paranoia
10. One More
11. Equals
12. Quarantine
13. In No Time
14. Amendment - Bonus Track
15. Cold Sparks - Bonus Track
16. Sun Ray Part 2 - Bonus Track


Melodic Net Comments 

One of my absolute favorites!

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