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4Him - Encore...for future generations

Reviewer :
Cor Jan Kat Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Ino Records
Genre: Christian Pop
Producer: Michael Omartian
Artist discography


Their final album has arrived! 4Him has been one of the leading bands in Christian pop for the past 15 years. Andy Chrisman, Marty Magehee, Kirk Sullivan and Mark Harris have been together for this period of time making excellent popmusic with very memorable vocal achievements. Each one of them has his own distinguished voice, but together in harmony you really get something special. They are surely no hardrockin? guys, but they produce lots of melodic pop with some poprock moments. They have worked with many wellknown sessionmusicians like Dan Huff, Michael Omartian and Jerry McPherson just to name a few.
I am an alltime fan of their music and albums that are really worth mentioning here are ?The Ride?, ?The Message?, ?The basics of life? and ?Walk on?. Not that the others are bad but these are my faves. After two soloalbums of Andy Chrisman and Mark Harris the band decided to split-up. Like they say themselves: Each one, in his own time, began to feel the excitement of seeing new roads winding out before them. They began to sense God saying ?I am doing a new thing in you?.
Well what about the songs then you might say. Most songs are from their previous albums. There are 4 solosongs from each bandmember at the end of the album and one song with help of other fellow artists called ?Unity?. Normally, I don?t like ?best of?-albums that much because if you are a fan you have all their albums already, but this one is an exception. All songs have been rearranged and sound different from the originals most even better. The cd has a great production. The 10th song is a medley of four songs which is one of the highlights of this album. Beautiful songs like ?Where there is faith?, ?Basics of life?, the excellent ?The center of the mark? and ?For future generations? bring out the joy in me. All the songs have a very possitive message giving God all the praise. From the solosongs the last song from Marty Magehee is far out the best one. This is a great rocker that leaves me wanting for more of his solowork in the future.
Conclusion is that 4Him made a mark in the Christian musicscene for the past 15 years, but we will surely hear more from the individual parts in the near future.

Tracklisting 1. Where There Is Faith
2. Before The River Came
3. Basics Of Life
4. Center Of The Mark
5. Unity (We Stand)
6. For Future Generations
7. Strange Way To Save The World
8. Great Awakening
9. Voice Of God
10. The Message/Measure Of A Man/A Man You Could Write About/Why


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