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Zebrahead - Broadcast to the world

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: ICON Entertainment
Genre: Punk Rock
Artist discography


Discography:Yellow (1998),Waste of mind (1999),Playmate of the year (2000),Stupid fat Americans EP (2001),MFZB (2003),Broadcast to the world (2006)
Bandmembers:Ali Tabatabaee - Vocals,Matty Lewis - Guitar/Vocals,Greg Bergdorf - Guitar,Ben Osmundson - Bass,Ed Udhus - Drums
Influences:Green Day,Fugazi,Blink 182
Will appeal to fans of:Bowling for soup,New Found Glory,Simple Plan
Album tracks Total length:43,50
1.Broadcast to the world (3,16)
2.Rated "R" for ugly (3,01)
3.Anthem (3,33)
4.Enemy (2,56)
5.Back to normal (3,40)
6.Postcards from hell (2,45)
7.Karma flavored whiskey (4,07)
8.Here?s to you (3,07)
9.Wake me up (3,49)
10.Lobotomy for dummies (2,36)
11.The walking dead (3,09)
12.Your new boyfriend?s wears girl pants (4,27)
13.Riot girl (Japan bonus track) (3,18)
14.Down in flames (Japan bonus track) (7,20)
Kaj?s final words:Former singer/guitarist Justin Mauriello has left Zebrahead to form his new band I Hate Kate and he was replaced by Matty Lewis on their new album "Broadcast to the world",Matty really doesn?t sound that much different compared to Justin.
BTTW is only released in Japan now but will get a U.S release later this spring,those who can?t wait or if you?re a die hard fan will get 2 decent bonus tracks with this release.
Zebrahead still delivers fast and catchy punkpop but not with the same good songs as on the previous albums,they?re still selling though coz BTTW has hit #1 on the international charts in Japan which must be considered quite impressive.
"Your new boyfriend?s wears girl pants" is far the best song on this album.
You know what you get but at the same time,it?s rather predictable!

Tracklisting 1. Broadcast To The World
2. Rated "U" For Ugly
3. Anthem
4. Enemy
5. Back To Normal
6. Postcards From Hell
7. Karma Flavoured Whisky
8. Here's To You
9. Wake Me Up
10. Lobotomy For Dummies
11. The Walking Dead
12. Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants


Melodic Net Comments 

hi! y does?down in flames? have a long pause in betwee???? thnxxx

i think zebrahead rock but i like 2 of the songs on this album (the only 2 i have listened to) they are karma flavoured whisky and anthem

Diablo Blanco
I disagree with the Kaj?s review that BTTW is predictable. I believe the songs on this album are more original and eclectic than previous albums. The band has taken some risks and created an awesome album. The songs are strong and have an intense drive that really showcases each members abilities. Replacing Justin was the best move for the longevity and creativity of Zebrahead. Rather than sticking to the old formula, the band is inspired to push their limits and create amazing music with a distinctive sound.

I think one thing this album tells you is that Justin may have been a good singer, but was a terrible guitar player. The addition of Matty on guitar is really the story of the album and the difference can be felt right away. The songs may be more "pop", but they somehow sound much harder with the addition of strong power chords from Matty. Matty?s voice isn?t as good as Justin?s, but the energy he adds, along with the 500% improvments in guitar depth make this their best album yet IMO.

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