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Greg Connors - Here There And Anymore

Greg Connors - Here There And Anymore

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Independent
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Joseph Arthur
Artist discography


I have been a big fan of Joseph Arthur since his magnificent debut on Real World almost ten years ago. His clever, beautiful, sometimes dark, melancholic and storytelling poprock is unique. So it?s therefore very cool to see Joseph as a producer for a new discovery I recently did at the mighty MySpace.
His name is Greg Connors and his music can ?easily? be described as a hybrid between Eels, Joseph Arthur, Lou Reed, Joe Henry, Blake Morgan, Pink Floyd and Tom McRae. Well? ehumm? there you have it? easy huh? The atmosphere is real damn cool on the album and Greg?s voice is personal and grabs from his first breath. The album starts out with the beautiful ?Monster? which is one fave, the Pink Floyd smelling ?Long Time Starting? another. The main part of the album is this good and it grows for each listen which probably will raise the grading to a four with a few more listens. It?s therefor highly recommended for all you open minded readers here at the

Tracklisting 1. Monster
2. Heading Home From A Funeral
3. Catty Perhaps
4. Regards (Painting And Departure)
5. Anymore (Long Time Starting)
6. Lodge
7. She's Talented
8. Changing Lightbulbs In The Dark
9. Amasakist - Sic


Melodic Net Comments 

200miles to hartsfield
As I understand it Greg Connors started his showbusiness career as a male exotic dancer.If this is true he had no problem leaving dance music behind.The degredation,however,left a deep cut that speaks to anyone whos ever been dissapointed.Melancholy yet hopeful in a way that does wonders for my ?give a damn?. Mix that with intriguing guitar work and brilliantly reserved production and I?ve found my latest favorite.

I was looking foreward to this album, having listened to the first few tracks on MySpace, but the album took me by surprise: a very rewarding repeat listen for its smart unusual lyrics and interesting arrangements. Incredibly catchy without pandering to traditional pop structures. Highly recommended!

Album is great. Greg is a talented songwriter and singer. He has a wry sense of humor and a unique and personal guitar style. I would recommend it highly to anyone.

Jared- OWS
Great music, and one of the coolest cats you?ll ever meet. An asset to the music community...

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Counting Crows comes from old English nursery rhyme which had to do with predicting the future from the numbers of birds seen. Lead Singer Adam Duritz liked the rhyme.

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